About Us

What we do

General and specialist repairs to all types of property, whether it be constructed in 1808 or 2008 we have the experience to attend to a building appropriately. Structural defect repair in conjunction with structural engineers is a regular part of our work.

Specialists in the difficult

If you've been presented with a difficult situation, and you've tried to get it resolved and can't. If everyone you talk to for help smiles, nods and walks away, we'd be delighted to meet with you, understand the problem, develop a solution and see it through.

Industry sectors serviced include

Local and State Government
Commercial Real Estate
Retail and Commercial
Aged Care / Retirement Living

VPM has the experience and capacity to carry out the full range of required maintenance services across these sectors.

Who we employ

Foremen, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, painters, steel fabricators, concreters, bricklayers, apprentices, labourers, scaffolders & truck drivers. Having trades on staff means we can respond quickly to urgent requests for action. We have high staff retention and enjoy synergy in our service delivery forged through ongoing working relationships between our tradesmen.

Health and safety

VPM recognises the value and importance of an accident free workplace. We understand that "just getting the job done" isn't enough. Systems of safe work are in place and more importantly, inlaid in the culture of our business. Our staff are trained, responsive and actively engaged in caring for the Health and Safety of our workers, customers and the general public. VPM has a significant investment in height safety equipment. We have staff trained in erection of Quikstage scaffolding, boom operation and Elevated Work Platform up to 70 metres.

Can you be sure?

Annual prequalification with the Department of Infrastructure (Reg. 900459) for Government works up to .5 million dollars means our systems are regularly audited and updated. Registration with Heritage Victoria provides owners and managers of Heritage property with peace of mind that we understand how the notion of conservation applies to vintage property.